Programma della Settimana. This week's program 

Programma della Settimana. This week's program Meeting between art and craft, where science merges with crafts, together for the development of the territories.

Starting from the definition of craftsmanship, or from the creation of objects made entirely by hand or with tools manufactured in unique pieces and not in series, we get to think about what distinguishes artisan products with a design sought after by art-science.
The artist is traditionally considered a creator of new forms and culture, the one who mentally elaborates his work, which defines its traits through reflection. The realization of the work is accomplished through a mental project. The execution is, therefore, possible only after study (not only of creative techniques), reflections and executions. The result is something that arouses emotions in the observer, to be admired and understood and is what makes the piece created unique.
The traditional craftsman is the one who carries on the tradition through the mastery of a trade and his manual ability through which he creates useful objects for everyday life, often adapting them to the client's needs. Points of excellence common to both are passion and competence, creative stimulation and manual intelligence.

What is realized from the encounter of craftsmanship with art generates unique, practical, sophisticated and high aesthetic quality artistic works. The encounter / conflict generates growth of the territory, where the manufacturing tradition exercised by expert hands is enriched with genius and planning. Thus unique and unrepeatable works of art are born.
Quality of raw materials and high aesthetic sense generate products that thin the boundary between the definition of art and craft.
A further strong point created by this meeting, where art represents a response to cultural exigency while craftsmanship responds to a daily need. In fact, true works of art can be born from the hands of artisans: the very word "artisan" means "who exercises an art".

The Venice Biennale has always given way to unique pieces created by artisans.
The talented Dutch spouses had a unique intuition, to create a small Venice in Gubbio and then bring it to Holland next year. The Aion Arte association has believed in ideas and supports its feasibility through active collaboration. Sincere congratulations to Martin and Wilma Impelmans for their genius. Their interaction with international artists and ingenious artisans generates the flavor of large companies supporting and developing the art and economy of a very important historical territory, famous for its spirituality, traditions and history.

Vicepresidente Aion Arte
Dott.ssa Stefania Montori

Calendar 22 July - 27 July 

Calendar 22 July - 27 July After the fact that Bergwerff Transport Services delivered  the works of art in Gubbio on 16 July, we had to wait a little while before we could actually start building up the exhibition. Thanks to the cooperation of the Community of Gubbio and especially Mr. Roberto Salvatori, member of the organizational board and Mr Roberto Borsellini of the community. The space is arranged. We are invited to present the works of art of the asrtists from Italy, Netherlands, England, Spain, France, Cuba and Serbia. in different locations Sala della Taverna dei Capitani, Sala degli Arconi, The central Library and Biblioteca Sperelliana. Later after negiciations by Roberto Salvatori and Martin Impelmans we were invite to present 2 artists, Karin Touw and Luca Luciano, in the museum "Palazzo Ducale". In as second round of negotiations also a Fotographic presentations is worked out. teh dates will be a little different. The first mentioned is from August 4 until September 1, the last mentioned will be from August 8 till September 1.

he period of 22 July - 27 July will be used for construction of the exhibition and by Toos van Holstein and Giampietro Rampini who are working on a common project.

27 July will be the vernissage accompanied by a special fashion show. In the Townhall of Gubbio.

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