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Roland Ekström, Eskilstuna in Zweden en Lago Turano in Italië. Is internationaal bekend. Hij zegt over zijn werk:

My research for roads inside the labyrinth of creativity led me, through  music, to the world of colors.  Music gave me a lot of satisfaction for many years but something told me to search further, outside the domino of the music. I realized that music and art have everything in common and found their connected bridge.  

Painting is an instrument which makes it possible to communicate my thoughts dressed with visions, feelings and dreams concerning mankind, nature, the world and the universe.

Through my creative work I continue to search for the answers about life. Men’s relation to the nature and the whole universe is in my focus.

My conviction is that Men are “one “ with all the existence. 

My hope is that I, through my art, can communicate love, generosity,  inspirations and the creativity that Universe is donating to all of us. Prijzen € 700 - € 3000.

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Selfpotrait 50 x 40 cm
Intensity 60 x 50
Into the game 80 x 60 cm
Courage 80 x 60
High society 80 x 60
Gentlemen 60 x 40
Expression 80 x 60
Symbiosis 60 x 50
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