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In this part we introduce artists who are working with us and will also be invited to have a show in our "Gallery ImSpa"



Luigi Piccioni


Luigi Piccioni (Spoleto, Italy) grew up in the figurative environment of Spoleto and in the Roman cultural milieu of the Seventies. At the Academy of fine arts in via Ripetta he met as teachers, artists such as Toti Scialoja, Luigi Montanarini and production designer Tyler Carpenter. Embarks on an artistic journey that goes from the graphics to the figurative, merging into research experiences thanks to the use of materials. The latest creations on "Nothing is created, Nothing is destroyed. Everything is transformed" represent the regeneration of reality in function of matter.


The works of Luigi are always created on a metal basis. This metal is treated or left with the natural weathered colours of decay.  His palet is fresh and in line with the natural basis of the medium. His strike of the brush is fine and often very detailed. His inspiration comes from women and historical art movement  hands and eyes. His series of paintings inspired by the Italian Renaissance, is famous. 


The prices of his works are from € 600,-- up to € 4000,--


Below a selection of the works of art of Luigi Piccioni.

Technique Oil on weathered metal.



05 a
Without title (94 x 104 cm)
Without title (94 x 104 cm) Oil on weath
Without title (94 x 104 cm) Oil on weath
Without title (94 x 104 cm) Oil on weath
Eyes (30 x 20 cm) Oil on weatheredmetal
Without title (94 x 104 cm) Oil on weath
06 a
Hands (40 x 30 cm) Oil on weathered meta
Without title  (50 x 50 cm) Oil on weath

Cecilia Piersigilli

Cecilia lives and works in Terni, a town situated about 100 km North 
of Rome, in Umbria.
She was born in Terni and from an early age he frequented the "shops" of well-known Umbrian artists. With Ilario Ciaurro and Nadia Valli she learned and perfected various techniques. For instance the way of working with a fresco-like technique. Over the years she perfected herself with prof Roberto Bellucci and later with Maestro Mario Chiocchia.  
In this way she finds her own personal identity. The passion and love for art leads her to participate in numerous exhibitions and artistic events, obtaining many awards.
In 2014 she received the San Valentino prize at Palazzo Spada di Terni. She was awarded the medal of the Senate of the Italian Republic and received the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2016 at Vico Del Gargano Palazzo Della Bella. 
Her works are present in public and private collections in Italy, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Brazil and California, published in specialized magazines and international catalogs. Paintings of her were used as covers for magazines and she illustrated various books .
Prices of her wor
ks of art vary from € 700 to € 6000  also depending on dimension.
xamples of her works are to be seen on this website page 

Romeo Battisti

Romeo Basttisti belongs to a group of painters who are united under the name of "The 121". His works of art are mostly figugurative. His palet consist of mainly earth collors. His stroke of the brush is subtile and calm. His themes are a search into his view on society, the world and his his being himself. He looks for the way the mind is working. That's why the brain plays the most important role in his works of art.

The prices of his works are between €700,00  till €4000,00 and in agreement with the artist


Giuseppe  Allegrucci


Giuseppe Allegrucci, one of Italy's most important stonemasons. His great strength lies in the traditional way of working. In 2021 he was appointed Rector of the University of Perugia, Department of Traditional Architecture and Arts and Craft. He coordinates restoration projects  all over Italy.

In Gubbio he has a private studio, where he creates jewels of stonemason's art,  His works of art are shown and sold all over the world.Prices €750 - €4000

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